The Jiffle – when less is MORE!

Foldable combi stroller that is suitable for any family. A pram, stroller and cart all in one! The Jiffle is an award-winning and funky new brand which differentiates itself based on its design and functionality and gives you MORE in your everyday life – on several parameters.

What is unique about The Jiffle is that it can be folded in no less than three different ways, and this of course opens up some options. The Jiffle is a pram with extremely good ventilation so that the little one can sleep well both during summers and winters in an optimal and pleasant temperature. The Jiffle is also a practical stroller, where the slightly older children can either turn their curious gaze out towards the world and up to 60kg of items can be stored in the bottom of the stroller. The Jiffle can also be converted into a cart. This makes it ideal for bringing along when the family is headed for a walk in the forest or even going to an animal park!

The Jiffle has game-changing functionality that is completely new to the market, and it is both an exciting, spacious and extremely practical item – it is the perfect choice that you will never regret!

Witt A/S is the official distributor of The Jiffle in Denmark, Norway, Sweden and Finland.

The Jiffle uusimmat lehdistötiedotteet

torstai 23. maaliskuuta 2023

The Jiffle – når mindre er MERE!

Foldbar kombivogn som passer ind i enhver familie. Barnevogn, klapvogn og trækvogn i én! Lue lisää