Witt Plasmafilter 650L

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Permanent filter for the optimum clean

Witt introduces a revolutionary carbon filter for your hood, which cleans the air more efficiently compared to traditional carbon filters. Polluted air is converted into clean air. Airborne particles, microorganisms, pollen, bacteria, smoke, and odours are captured (98 %). There are no chemicals involved in the process. Witt Plasmafilter is the market's most effective method of cleaning the air in your kitchen.

  • Recommended maximum Extraction power: 650 m3/h (on hoods with higher Extraction power higher than 650 m3/h, Witt Plasma filter takes longer time to clean the air)
  • Fresh air/cleaner indoor climate, climate/odourless
  • Does not require outlet. Reduced heat bill
  • No need for replacement
  • Requires 230 V. Consumption: 10 W. Standby consumption: 0.5 W
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Kapasiteetti, kulutus ja virtalähde

Vaatii valtuutetun asentajan Ei
Hormi (mm) 220x90

Tuotedesign & sijoittelu

Materiaalia Ruostumaton teräs
Väri Stainless steel
Moduulin leveys (cm) 28
EasyClean Kyllä


Ajastin Ei

Mitat & paino

Nettokorkeus (mm) 450
Nettoleveys (mm) 660
Nettosyvyys (mm) 310
Nettopaino (kg) 5,3
Johdonpituus (cm) 150


EAN 5707582015259

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You never have to replace your carbon filter again

A traditional carbon filter must be replaced regularly for optimum functionality – approx. 2-4 times a year. The Witt Plasmafilter is a permanent solution – no need for cleaning or replacement. The filter is already used in many professional kitchens and now you have the possibility of installing it in your hood and thereby ensuring significantly cleaner air in your kitchen. The result is optimized indoor climate, and healthier environment. Moreover, you will save money for replacement filters.

Witt Plasmafilter benefits:

  • Cleaner kitchen environment. Reduces odour, pollution, smoke, viruses, bacteria, and allergens.
  • Permanent installation, one-time expense. No extra costs and no maintenance.
  • Reduced energy costs due to low energy consumption (does not draw air out during cooking).
  • Easy to install.
  • Fits all hoods with 220x90 mm and max 650 m³/h.

Witt Plasmafilter can be installed in existing as well as new hoods.

Instructions for your Witt Plasmafilter
For optimum usage and to ensure the air inside the room is properly cleaned:

The hood MUST be turned on 15 min before cooking at speed 1 or 2.**
After cooking, the hood MUST run approx. 15 min* to clean the air in the room.

*) The exact time depends on the size of the room (width x length x height). Witt recommends 15 min per 50 m2
**) For further information please refer to the Witt Plasmafilter user manual.

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